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Hi there.........I'm my mid twenties...well can call kinda fit standing at 163cm and weigh....whew......50-55kg at any time..;)

Penagite...and yet still Penangite..Originally frm Sungai shifted to Southen site of the island..Sungai Batu..a cool place by the sea..a definite for u to see..;)
Started my schooling in Barathee Tamil School in Gelugor..Continued Secondary education in Sekolah Menengah Sungai Ara..where I got to know my best buddies..who are equally crazy like me tough......;) at the moment, doin my BIT final sem in UNITAR, PJ (Off Campus)
Eldest in family with a younger bro...but generally quite attached to maternal side relatives and biggest asset they are...
Currently employed as outsourced Programmer with Agilent Tech, Pg...Always into stuff related with IT..especially gadgets and yeah I do love to move around with my buddies and cousins.Name me a thing..will there to try out..
Gracias..for the time and adios...I've gotta something wiser to do...Catcha


One of our get together.....

Me and my cousins

Well..wht do I say...cute gals?